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Through investments in our subsidiaries, our ingeniously disruptive advisory services; digital factory and digital platforms, portals & apps are positively changing the lives of our People, Businesses and Governments across Afrika!

What we’re made of

Our Subsidiaries

Our businesses are architected to ensure seamless ease of delivery of services/products to our stakeholders (Clients). These are enabled by the synergies we purposefully instil between our companies.

Asante Digital Group
Akhani Technologies | Asante Digital

Akhani Technologies

Akhani Technologies is a modern consulting and product development company that is headquartered in South Africa. Our mission is to innovate and build 21st-century digital software to address business and consumer challenges.

AfriNova | Asante Digital

AfriNova Digital

We drive innovation across multiple industries and sectors. Our products support various business models such as Business to Business and Business to Consumer. Our existing and planned products address specific challenges across multiple industries and sectors.

innovity | Asante Digital

Innovity Afrika

Innovity Afrika is a Business Consulting firm settled in South Africa promoting digital transformation initiatives with OutSystems Low Code platform.

mojaPay | Asante Digital

mojaPay (Pty) Ltd

mojaPay is the ultimate super App for the unbanked & underbanked, and suppliers or merchants that service them.


Who We Serve

Asante Digital Group put Afrika and Her people first! We are consciously rooted in Afrika, and continuously committed in serving and uplifting Her People.

Consumer | Asante Digital


Consumer needs are driven by the core requirement of convenience, inclusion and lower cost of being able to digitally drive their day to day activities. The Covid pandemic has also become a catalyst to drive a self service culture that is driven by digital technologies. At AfriNova, we are driven by the need to make these needs a reality for the masses of consumers on the African continent and the rest of the world.

Education | Asante Digital


In the African continent, Education is still seen as a key enabler of knowledge and hope for a youth that is able to participate in the global economy. Enabling an educated youth that is able to participate in this global economy requires a structured and different approach to look at the education value chain, including the links to employment in order to facilitate a globally enabled people for our continent. Our products address aspects such as attendance and grant distribution to enable education.

Finance | Asante Digital


Our continet still has masses of people with no access to financial services and associated products. We believe that the way the finance industry and its processes are structured contributes largely to this challenge. In the finance industry, our passion is to make a contribution to financial and digital inclusion for the masses of people in the developing world. We aim to drive this goal by building products that are centered around the culture and processes of the communities.


Health, especially in the public sector content is still lagging in terms of fairness and convenience and the experience is mostly seen in developing countries. Our aim is to develop digital products that address the customer experience and management gaps in the health sector

Retail | Asante Digital


The Retail industry, in our view still functions on the old school operating model that is human capital intensive with a huge gap to bring in a different experience for both the retailers and the customers through the use of various capabilities such as ecommerce, internet of things and digital payment methods.

Smart Cities | Asante Digital

Smart Cities

Urbanisation is a trend that will continue amplifying for the next few decades in the developing world as economic activity is concentrated in big Cities. These cities will remain under pressure in terms of infrastructure management, service delivery and jobn creation needs. Smart Cities will enable a different lens through which the cities see themselves. Areas such as cost management, improved and proactive service delivery and new opportunity creation in these cities will be enabled by the Smart City enablement. At the heart of this enablement will be the use of digital capabilities for data harvesting, connectivity, process automation and large scale analytics.


The Utility of the future is digital through and through as it aims to have a better grasp on customer needs and service delivery as well as fight off new competitors coming into the Utility space. The digital Utility will need to enable digital interactions with the customers and its partners. This is easy to say than put in practive as the Utilities have legacy bargage that makes it difficult for them to get a sense of where they are, including the ability to digital interact and remagine the customer experience.

Government & Public Sector

It is no secret that the government structures are complex and function in manual and silo processes, making it difficult to deliver the required service delivery and citizen experience. The public sector also relies heavily on masses on people and manual, paper based processes which drive costs and complexity of the service delivery processes, leading to frustrations for Citizens and partners. Opportunities for driving digital government and public sector will drive the required efficiencies and unlock value for countries, we believe.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb

Who We Are


Our founders have wealth of experience and expertise that complement each other, for the successful strategy and growth of the Group.

Kagisho Dichabe

Kagisho Dichabe

Kagisho is a qualified engineer from the University of Pretoria, and turned serial entrepreneur – with core strategic focus in uplifting the unbanked and underbanked within our African continent. This passion is achieved by empowering our People with finTech tools that enable them to be financially included and participate in the much-needed digital economy in our townships and rural areas. He is part of the core and hand-picked Design Team for the newly formed South African Payment Industry Body (PIB) that has been set up by the South African Reserve Bank and The Payment Association South Africa. This role will enable him to assist in ensuring financial inclusion for the majority of South Africans.

Kagisho’s interests also expand to energy, property development and engineering infra. His expertise and experience in business engineering and architecture ensure successful implementation and fruitful returns in the ventures he is involved in.

Xolisa Vuza

Xolisa Vuza

Xolisa Vuza is the Co-Founder and Group CTO of Asante Digital Group. He holds a BSc, BSc Honours and Masters in Computer Science from the University of the Western Cape. He also holds a certificate in Business Strategy from INSEAD business school. Xolisa has worked as a software developer, application architect, solution architect, enterprise architect and IT Strategists. He has worked and served a broad array of clients across multiple industries including financial services (banking and insurance), telecoms, utilities, health and public sector. In his working life, Xolisa has formulated product strategies, led architecture initiatives for large transformation programmes in the telco and banking space, worked on a
dozen of IT strategies for clients and led technical teams building digital products across various technology stacks. Overall, he has over 15 years in technology implementation, consulting and advisory and product development.

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mojaPay Super App Now Available

mojaPay Super App Now Available

The mobile payment revolution is here and it's only going to get bigger! MojaPay, a digital payments services provider, has just released an exciting new innovative financial products and services app primarily targeted at people and businesses in the townships and...

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DigiToken app launched for consumers in townships

DigiToken app launched for consumers in townships

The DigiToken app which hopes to ease services purchasing such as electricity can be accessed online via a laptop / pc or via a mobile device on Wednesday this week. It's a platform that will ease services purchasing in South Africa's townships. The app was featured...

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SABC News Interview on SME #OnPoint with Liabo Setho

SABC News Interview on SME #OnPoint with Liabo Setho

Our Co – Founder Xolisa Vuza of AfriNova Digital is interviewed by Liabo Setho on SABC 3 and SABC News SME #OnPoint (DSTV channel 404) on our launch of a new product offering called DigiToken. View the video below:

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